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Model No.︰PD220Y
Brand Name︰Silon
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 700000 / unit
Minimum Order︰1 unit
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Product Description
 Performance of the  PD165Y Crawler Bulldozer :  
  1. The engine is shanghai diesel engine company C6121 imported the technology from caterpillar 3306.
  2. According to the imported technology of Komatsu D65A-8 bulldozer, the torque converter used to be 2-turbine, 4-element type. However, shortly after  technology  import by China factory, Komatsu changed it's design from 4-element to 3-element in order to make torque converter fit whole machine more perfectly. So Pengpu Machine Building Plant appointed well-known experts who adopted the updated technology of Komatsu to design the Shanghai-165 bulldozer that has 3-element torque converter. After test for many times, the converter proves to be good working and fit engine better, which insure the good performance of whole machine.
  3. According to the imported technology of Komatsu, the final drive gear is drum spur type. We imported specialized gear-processing equipment that ensures high quality for our products. This kind of final drive  has the advantage of strong anti-burden and high reliability. So far, no factory except us in China  has specialized gear-processing equipment, which assure our final drive parts in the leading  position  in China.
  4. Transmission, hydraulic parts, undercarriage and working equipment
  5. Inter-changeable with same products of  Komatsu as well as those products that are  produced  according to Komatsu technology.
  6. It is single-leg braking system, which means when a single leg stamps on pedal, the braking  band both right & left working in the same time. The kind technology also occupy leading position in China.
  7. The 3-stage alarming & monitoring system is mounted in cabin, which can measure and monitor  voltage, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, engine speed. It also can monitor the status of fuel oil, cooling water and the condition of air filter. By the twinkling of light and buzzing of horn, the system can inform drivers the essential information of bulldozer and assure bulldozers working in normal, safe and high efficiency condition. There are also engine oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge in the instrument panel to make parameters visible and own two-tier protection function.
  8. PD165Y bulldozer is equipped with good looking hexahedron cab with wide visual scope. ROPS and FOPS can be mounted at the option of customers.
  9. PD165Y bulldozer has the outstanding advantage of low fuel-consumption, strong draw power, high reliable, easy to operate and safe, comfortable. The machine has be greatly approved by specialist in construction mechanical industry


Technical Parameter the PD165Y Crawler Bulldozer



Product   Model PD165Y
Model C6121ZG05C
Type Four-stroke,   water cooling, straight vertical, direct injection type
Flywheel power (kW) 122
Rated speed (r/min) 1850
Number of cylinders-bore×stroke (mm) 6-121×152
Starting method Starting motor 24V 7.5kW
Battery 24V (12V×2)-195AH
Air cleaner Dry type,   precleaned cyclone air cleaner
Torque converter 3-element, single-stage, single phase
Transmission Hand-operated,   Hydraulic shift, Planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, forced lubrication by   gear pump,
Bevel gear helical   bevel gear, Splash lubricated
Steering clutch Wet, Multiple disc, Spring loaded, Hand-operated with booster and   hydraulic-released
Steering brake Wet,   band brake, operated with hydraulic booster
Final drive Spur   gear, double reduction, splash lubrication
Sprocket Segmented
Number of track shoes (each side) 6 (4 single, 2 double)
Track tension Hydraulic adjusted
Floating seals are used in all track rollers,carrier   rollers,sprocket and front idlers
TRAVEL SPEED (km/h) PD165Y       
  1st 2nd 3rd  
Forward 3.8 6.6 10.6  
Reverse 4.9 8.5 13.6  
Type Sealed   and lubricated single grouser or sealed single grouser
Track pitch (mm) 203
Track width (mm) 560
Number of track shoes (each side) 37
Length of track on ground (mm) 2430
Ground clearance (mm) 400
Ground pressure (Mpa) ≤0.064
Track gauge (mm) 1880
Working pressure (Mpa) 13.7
Rated delivery (L/min)   (2000r/min) 250
Pump Gear   pump Double   gear pump Gear pump
Control valve Hand-operated,  sliding type Hydraulic-operated plunger , servo controlling Hand-operated,  sliding type
Valve position Raise,   Hold, Lower, Float
Cylinder,Boro×Rod×Stroke   (mm) Φ110×Φ65×1026
Blade type Straight tilt blade Angle Straight   tilt blade
Width×Height (mm) 3416×1150 4019×1025 3970×1050
Max.lift above ground (mm) 1090 1110 1180
Max.drop below ground   (mm) 530 530 440
Pitch adjustment (°) 55°±2° 55° 55°±2°
Bit lifting speed (m/s) ≥0.35 ≥0.35 ≥0.35
Gradeability (°) 30 30 30
Max.tilt (mm) 860 860 860
Length×Width×Height (mm) 4996×3416×3240 5185×4019×3240 5600×3950×3400
Weight (kg) 17860 17480 20000
Payment Terms︰30% Deposit and 70% Before shipment to Shanghai Seaport
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